Career Track Information

Offered in July and August, this rotation is designed for the student interested in Emergency Medicine as a career.  Emergency Medicine continues to grow as a medical specialty and it is quite clear special attributes and skills are needed to assure success and satisfaction in this field.   Students interested in a career of Emergency Medicine need exposure to other aspects of life as an emergency physician. These include the rigors of shift work, the communication skills necessary for transfer of care, the skill set needed to make rapid patient dispositions, the importance of concise ED case presentations, the ability to manage patients simultaneously and the appropriate use of consultation services. This rotation also provides opportunities to gain advice on how to plan for residency; evaluation of programs, the application process, interviewing, internship survival, etc. A standardized letter of recommendation (SLOR) for EM-residency applications will be written on request for students enrolled in this rotation.

Additional Information

This rotation is for students interested applying for Emergency Medicine residency training.     This rotation fulfills all the requirements of, and substitutes for, the standard “required 4th year Emergency Medicine rotation”.  Students will be tasked with patient care responsibilities and be expected to function at the level of a Sub-Intern.   However, the EM clerkship does not fulfill the “sub-internship” requirement of the 4th year. You must still complete a “sub-internship” in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine or Pediatrics.