Other Opportunities


Shadowing is a voluntary experience with a practicing physician in the Emergency Department. Those approved are permitted to shadow a physician for a 2-4 hour block beginning at the start of the physicians’s shifts over the course of a 21-day period. Dress is business casual, and the shadower is not permitted to wear scrubs or a lab coat. Note: We do not offer any academic credit or medical certification for shadowing in the Emergency Department. Shadowing does not constitute medical education, graduate medical education, continuing medical education, or training leading to licensure or board certification. The shadower is not a student, resident, medical staff member, or employee of UF COM and must not represent him/herself as such. Shadowers are not allowed to provide patient care, even under supervision.


Scribes shadow Emergency Department (ED) Physicians, Residents, PAs, and ARNPs overseeing the documentation of each patient’s visit to the ED. Our program provides a comprehensive training manual, 20 hours of paid online training, and 3-6 weeks of paid on-site training where new scribes work alongside experienced scribes. Initially, new scribes learn how to effectively and efficiently complete an accurate Electronic Medical Record. However, the real benefit of the program is what the scribes learn outside of the classroom setting. In the ED, providers treat patients with various complaints of all acuities spanning all fields of medicine. Additionally, the scribes develop professional & personal relationships with 30 or more ED providers, quickly adapting to their respective styles of practice.

Medical Student Externship

The University of Florida offers externships for qualified students. Rotations are four weeks long and follow the same curriculum as the Required Clerkship.