The Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Florida (UF) seeks to provide an environment that teaches the reward of caring for patients in an emergency department setting, an area unique in our hospital. Our priority is first to medical trainees within UF, including all UF College of Medicine (COM) students, house staff, fellows and those in other health-care units within the COM. We also recognize we can provide meaningful opportunities to learn and experience the depth and breadth of emergency medicine to UF undergraduates.

Medical students attending other colleges of medicine should be referred to: Visiting Student Elective via the UF COM Office of Student Affairs and Registration.

Shadowing is a voluntary experience with a practicing physician or physician’s assistant in the Emergency Department. Those approved are permitted to shadow a physician for a 2-4 hour block beginning at the start of the physicians’s shifts over the course of a 28-day period. Dress is business casual or appropriate scrubs, but no lab coats should be worn. Note: We do not offer any academic credit or medical certification for shadowing in the Emergency Department. Shadowing does not constitute medical education, graduate medical education, continuing medical education, or training leading to licensure or board certification. The shadower is not a student, resident, medical staff member, or employee of UF COM and must not represent him/herself as such. Shadowers are not allowed to provide patient care, even under supervision.

Typical activities for shadowing include:

  • Observing patient-physician interactions in the Emergency Department
  • Discussion of patient interactions with faculty and other members of the medical team including residents, nurses, and medical students
  • Participation in didactic activities
  • Observing medical resuscitations

To begin the process, please submit the forms below:

Please allow 10-14 days for application processing and approval once the application packet is received in full. The existence of this document creates no obligation for our department to provide on a shadowing experience. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us.