Resident Lecture Guidelines

PGY-1 Case Series Lecture

The introductory lecture for interns. Typically 2-3 cases are presented to frame core topics. There is no strict number of cases, but each must be the presentation of a core topic in Emergency Medicine.

  • 1/3 of each case should be devoted to the case presentation and differential diagnosis.
  • 1/3 of each case should present the background information (Textbook) regarding the topic.
  • 1/3 of each case should explore the cutting-edge approach(s) to diagnosis and treatment (foreground information) of the case.

PGY-2 Evidence Based Medicine Series

PGY-2 residents should focus on a core topic of interest and relevance in Emergency Medicine, and perform a literature search on the topic.

  • Two EBM talks are required of each second year.
  • To prevent overlap, topics must be cleared by MD Beattie prior to the investment of considerable time and effort.
  •  A brief case scenario should be presented.
  • The pertinent bleeding-edge developments regarding diagnosis and / or treatment should be presented.
    • A literature search should be performed.
    • The departmental librarian (Ms. Lyon) is available to assist you with this.
  • Each development should be accompanied by an analysis of the evidence supporting the changes in practice.
  • The last slide should summarize the overall recommendations of the talk.

PGY-3 Grand Rounds

This talk is intended to provide the PGY-3 resident an opportunity to develop an attending level talk. The topic list is limited only to an interest in the subject and having relevance to the practice of emergency medicine. Typically, in preparation for this talk, the EBM lecture techniques should be used to flesh out the content.

PGY-3 Research Lecture

Towards the end of the PGY-3 year, seniors will be expected to present a summary and the results of their residency research project. Residents are expected to review this talk with their research advisor.